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I am originally from the Western New York area and grew up in Lockport, New York.  I was adopted when I was 7 months old from South Korea in 1986 to my family and also have a younger brother who was also adopted from Korea as an infant.  I was first introduced to the Korean Adoptee (KAD) community in 2010 after attending the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network’s annual conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. However, my interest in adoption began at an early age.  Throughout the years I have expanded my knowledge and views about adoption, adoption research and practice, the social work field, and where I fit in the big picture.  My personal and professional experiences have led to my interest in adoption, social work, child welfare, and subsequently my international advanced field placement in my birth country: South Korea.

I am currently completing my advanced year in the MSW graduate program at the University at Buffalo in New York and will be graduating this spring 2013!  I also have a Bachelor of Art degree in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary with a concentration in Health and Human Services from the same institution.  My MSW field placement for my foundation year was in a urban school setting working with at-risk students, their families, and the education system.

UB School of Social Work

I am also employed full-time as a case manager at a non-profit agency in Western New York that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  The agency has been supportive in allowing me this incredible opportunity to travel to South Korea for my field placement.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and any questions at my UB e-mail: kjwitmer@buffalo.edu or leave a comment on my blog!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. snesbittssw

    So excited for you Katie! I have enjoyed reading your posts so far..although they are making me miss Seoul something terrible 🙂 The situation for unwed mothers is incredibly difficult and I am so happy that you are connected with an agency working with this population.

  2. Libby Bertrand

    I am a mother (46 yrs) of 2 beautiful children – one biological daughter (14 yrs) and one adopted son (5 yrs). We adopted our son, Nathan, from South Korea through Holt. Nathan came home to us in June 2008 at 11 months old. We currently live in the Rochester, NY area, but I grew up in the Lockport, NY area also! I am very interested in reading about your experiences in South Korea and commend you on your career choice. I received your blog link from the President (Kelly) of Love the Children of Rochester – a local (Korean) adoptive family support group. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I will be reading…

    Libby (Bragg) Bertrand
    Rochester, NY

  3. Katie, thanks for all the background info. on stigma around unwed motherhood. And I appreciate the details about difficulties navigating the bus, the cost of food, and so forth. It makes the day-to-day reality of your internship very vivid.

    I look forward to reading more of your thoughts, if forthcoming, on the difference in work and office culture in ROK.

    Pat Shelly

  4. did you see this page with lots of information? http://theconversation.com/an-apology-to-forced-adoption-birth-mothers-its-about-time-7875
    I am researching the theme ‘forced adoption for an article on netzfrauen.org and found the above link. Best regards from Vienna, Lisa

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